The Carl Sheppard Memorial Lecture

Carl Sheppard was a Medieval art historian who taught at the University of Michigan, UCLA and at the University of Minnesota where he also chaired the Department of Art History for his first fifteen years there.  Sheppard focused his career on the Romanesque sculptural decoration of churches in Spain and Italy before he turned his attention to early Christian work in Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

His wife, Patricia Sheppard, established this memorial lecture in honor of her husband.  Mrs. Sheppard currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is very active in her local archaeological society while also continuing to pursue her interests in cultural anthropology.

The Sheppard Lecturer is chosen each year by the AIA Lecture Program Committee.



2000/2001  David Anthony                                                                                     Santa Fe

2001/2002  Alan Simmons                                                                    Mississippi/Memphis

2002/2003  Peter Wells                                                                                        Western NY

2003/2004  Andrea Berlin                                                                                           Athens

2004/2005  Nancy de Grummond                                                                           Portland

2005/2006  Paul Zimansky                                                                                         Toledo

2006/2007  Richard Talbert                                                                                     Santa Fe

2007/2008  Michael Hoff                                                                                     Central IN

2008/2009  Bonnie Effros                                                                                    Charleston

2009/2010  Kathleen Lynch                                                                    Niagara Peninsula

2010/2011  Rachel Scott                                                                                         Rockford

2011/2012  Deborah Carlson                                                                                     Tucson

2012/2013  Michael Fuller                                                                                       Santa Fe

2013/2014  Ron Marchese                                                                                         Ottawa

2014/2015  Richard Buckley                                                                            New Orleans

2015/2016  Jennifer Campbell                                                                                   Denver

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