Are you curious about what archaeologists do and why? Have you ever wanted to visit an archaeological site? The web is the first stop on this fascinating adventure. Archaeology has a fundamental attachment to visual evidence, making the web a near-perfect medium for gathering information and learning about archaeology. Whether your aim is casual browsing or methodical research, the combination of graphic images and multitudes of on-line sources and databases provides fruitful grounds for exploration.

The Denver Society has kept a links page since the inception of the website. The web pages listed are designed for members of the public who want to know more about archaeology, and for archaeologists who want to know more about working with the public. In addition, there are links to virtual excavations, museum artifact cataloging opportunities, book publishers, open-source software tools, local, national and international archaeology groups to join and information about the illicit trade of antiquities. Lesson plans are also available. 

Have fun exploring!


The Archaeology Channel

Archaeology lesson plans

Archaeology activities

Dig! The archaeology magazine for kids

Alexandria Archaeology Museum

Alexandria Resources and activities

Archaeologists At Work: A Teacher’s Guide To Classroom Archaeology

The American Schools for Oriental Research (ASOR)

Digging Up Mesopotamia:Archaeology of the Ancient World

Archaeology: Digging Deeper to Learn About the past

Archaeological Institute of America lesson plans and projects

The Mystery Cemetery Project

Cargoes from Three Continents: Ancient Mediterranean Trade in Modern Archaeology

Historic Jamestowne

The National Park Service

The National Park Service:Teaching With Historic Places: online lesson plans

Project Archaeology

Decoding the Past:The Work of Archaeologists

Teaching From Objects and Stories: Learning about the Bering Sea Eskimo People

Archaeology: History Found in Pieces

Teaching Archaeology: A Sampler for Grades 3-12

American Rock Art Research Association has lesson plans, educational materials, books for kids, teens and teachers, field trips and more

SAA Archaeology for the Public; Educational Resources

Arizona State Museum

Archaeology: History Found in Pieces from Independence National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

Teachers Guide for Montezuma Castle, Arizona

National Museum of the American Indian Educational Resources

Colorado Rock Art Association – teacher resources; rock art trunk school program

Sacred Images lesson plans – great for classroom use

Archaeoastronomy and petroglyph activities at Chaco Canyon via the Exploratorium