February 15, 2020, 2:00 PM: Karin Larkin, PhD, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The Colorado Coalfield War Project

Abstract coming soon!



Karin Larkin is Assistant Professor and Curator for the Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Dr. Larkin received her PhD in Anthropology and Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Larkin has done field work in the four corners region of the Southwest, Chihuahua Mexico, and southern Colorado at the Ludlow Massacre Site. She wrote her dissertation on community interactions using ceramic analysis from archaeological sites in Chihuahua, Mexico associated with the southern zone of the Casas Grandes interaction sphere. Her Master’s degree is in museum curation. She acted as the second project director of the Colorado Coalfield War Archaeological Project at the University of Denver funded through the State Historic Fund. In 2009, she co-edited the book The Archaeology of Class War with Dr. Randall McGuire, SUNY Binghamton published by the University Press of Colorado. She has worked at a variety of museums throughout the western United States including art and anthropological institutions. She currently teaches courses in anthropology, archaeology and Museum and Gallery Practice. Her interests include prehistoric archaeology of the greater Southwest, curation, ceramic analysis, the archaeology and history of the progressive era in southern Colorado and museum studies.