Saturday May 18, 2023 4:30 PM

Archaeological Tour of the Plains Conservation Center



Dr. Gordon Tucker, Jr. Adjunct Faculty Member, Sociology and Anthropology Department at Metropolitan State University, Denver

Cost: 10$


The land on which the Plains Conservation Center (PCC) is located has a long and rich history. Native tribes traveled through this area for millennia, hunting animals and gathering plants and camping near sources of water, such as the stream now known as East Tollgate Creek. They left behind evidence of their activities in the form of discrete clusters of chipped stone and ground stone artifacts, along with animal bones from their hunting forays. During the late nineteenth century, immigrants to the region established homesteads on 160 acres of land here at what would become the PCC and elsewhere in eastern Colorado. Adelia Wells, a single women with children, acquired a homestead on the west side of East Tollgate Creek in the 1890s.  In the 1930s and 1940s, the U.S. military formed the Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range where troops practiced bombing and other military activities prior to being sent overseas to the military conflicts in Europe and the Pacific. Following World War II, the PCC was established as an outdoor education facility and state-designated natural area. 

Please join us on May 18, 2024, starting at 4:30 p.m. (weather permitting) for a tour of the PCC with Dr. Gordon (Gordy) Tucker, a local archaeologist who has been associated with the PCC for more than three decades. We will figuratively travel back in time to visit Native American sites, homesteads, and military features and discuss how the local landscape influenced settlement.


Gordon C. Tucker Jr., PhD is a professional archaeologist with over 45 years of experience in cultural resources management (CRM). He has worked on hundreds of projects across the western U.S., including pedestrian surveys, documentation, evaluative testing, mitigation (excavation), and archaeological monitoring of a variety of sites. After retiring in 2021, Dr. Tucker joined the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Metro State University of Denver as an adjunct faculty member. In the summers since 2012, Gordy (as he prefers to be called), has traveled to Israel to participate in the excavations at two ancient sites, Tel Ashkelon in southern Israel and Tel Shimron in the Lower Galilee region of northern Israel.

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